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Hotline girl number

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Or what you did. Like car dates.

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If you want a real deterrent, consider hotline girl number the Burner app. You can give out a fake burner number that you can delete whenever you like, and if they try to call or text you immediately, it will actually show up on your phone.

Have your own creative way to give out fake digits? Let us know in the comments. The A. Patrick Allan. Filed to: Dating Filed to: Share This Story.

Recommended Stories. It's especially common for women to find themselves in situations where a random person is making them feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

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During those times, it's hard to know how to respond without making the situation worse. The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline will either go straight to voicemail if the guy calls, or it will send an automated text message after they hotline girl number you.

The text won't be automatically sent right after texting, nmber in case you're still. It gets delivered one hour after they first send a text to the number. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect hotline girl number emotional and physical autonomy.

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This is even better than giving out digits you make up on the spot because it tells them their behavior was inappropriate. It hotline girl number even make them rethink their approach and be more respectful to the next woman they make a move on.

Of course, women shouldn't have to feel the need to give out hotline girl number fake number because people should take no for an answer. They should move on instead of harassing someone who isn't interested. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know when to cut their losses.

But at least we've now got the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline until we're all on the same page. Hi there!

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